Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Journal of Health Policy and Economics (JOHPEC): a student-led, peer-reviewed open access Journal of the LSE’s Houghton Street Press, dedicated to publishing the work of LSE students and alumni in the diverse fields of health.

The JOHPEC was founded about a year ago, in April 2020, as health systems around the world faced the biggest challenge of their time: the COVID-19 pandemic. In a time when misinformation spread quickly, and public trust in expertise waned, the JOHPEC reminded its authors, readers, and developers the importance of centring policies around factual, evidence-based knowledge. Its rigorous guidelines and peer-review process has enabled us to publish papers of high quality, and our open access policy ensures those papers are always readily available to all.

More generally, the JOHPEC aims to give LSE students and alumni interested in health research an opportunity to understand the world of academia, by publishing the original papers they have written related to their coursework (or externally), build skills of peer-reviewing, and manage publications as an Editor. This learning platform would have never taken shape without the sponsorship of the LSE Department of Health Policy; we are most grateful for their continued support in the JOHPEC’s mission. We are equally appreciative of the LSE Houghton Street Press team – Claire Delahunty, Lucy Lambe, and Emily Horsey – and Dr. Edgar Whitley for their help in developing the submission, peer-reviewing, and editing processes of the Journal.

The issue you read today is the product of a year’s worth of collaborative, hard work. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Editorial Board of the JOHPEC, namely Nuha Bazeer, Kavyashree Satish, Ritesh Maharaj, Nilesh Raut, Marselia Tan, Leana Diekmann, and Diana Picon-Manyari, who have brilliantly managed the first influx of submissions whilst juggling their other scholarly responsibilities. Thank you as well to Amir Mohsenpour and Filippos Papadopoulos for creatively spearheading the JOHPEC’s seminar series and communications strategy.

In this inaugural issue, you will find commentaries, original research, and policy briefs with topics ranging from Universal Health Coverage, to Cost-Effectiveness of Treatments, to Social Determinants of Health; this beautifully mirrors the impact of LSE students and alumni in a myriad of health fields. Thank you to the authors of the manuscripts populating our first Issue, for your dedication to finding answers to today’s most pressing health questions, and for trusting the JOHPEC with the publication of your work.

Finally, an immense THANK YOU to our international pool of peer reviewers for their valuable input, for taking the time to carefully read through the submissions to provide formative feedback to authors. These contributions are, once more, a wonderful reflection of the commitment of the wider LSE community in delivering excellence in research:

Rosa Juarez Arriaga
Cameron Feil
Disha Patel
Nuha Bazeer
Ka Keat Lim
Jasmine Mah
Nilesh Raut
Sergio Nabais
Nurul Rahmayanti
Heidi Au
Srishti Acharya
Amitha Kapyur
Alison Mhazo
Arush Lal
Francis Ayomoh
Nada Kim
Debra Winberg
Simon Drees
Mary Bowman
Rafael Chaves
Chimba Sanga
Iqra Amin
Ramiro Gilardino
Kavyashree Satish
Krishnan Puri Puri Sudhir
Nicholas Ivin
Isabel Greaves
Carmen Lopez-Soto
Edmund Lodwick
Diana Picon-Manyari
Filippos Papadopoulos
Alexandra Schuster
Maura Reilly
Jessica Cook, and
Savvas Vlachos.

We hope you enjoy reading the works published in the JOHPEC, as much as we’ve enjoyed putting our inaugural issue together. Our call for submissions is always open, and we strongly encourage LSE students and alumni interested in health topics to submit their work to us and get involved as peer-reviewers for the Journal.

With best wishes,

J. Sam Meyer

Camille Bou
Deputy Editor-In-Chief