It is my pleasure to give my wholehearted support, on behalf of the entire Department of Health Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), to the launch of the Journal of Health Policy and Economics (JOHPEC) through LSE’s Houghton St Press. I would particularly like to congratulate the editorial board and all the students involved in putting together the Inaugural Edition, as well as alumni and staff involved in the publishing of the journal.

The aim of the journal is to publish the works of current and former students from the LSE Department of Health Policy, on topics ranging from cost-effective analyses of health care treatments, commentaries on the social determinants of health outcomes, mental health policy and much, much more. This first issue provides exactly that range of coverage and is truly a celebration of the department's interdisciplinary nature and bears the fruit of the academic rigor of the various degree programs offered by the department.

Moreover, the development of the Journal amidst a global pandemic - including the coordination of peer-review and publication workshops with our student body scattered across the globe - is a testament to our students’ passion for their pursuit of knowledge and feeling of responsibility for engaging in the world’s most pressing health questions. The founding of the JOHPEC was based on an editorial board working remotely from Singapore, to British Columbia, Tel Aviv, and Mumbai, and this equally represents the global spread of interests.

While our students receive the tools to apply to these issues during their LSE lectures, it is exciting to see the employment of these tools within the publications and their policy applications. I strongly encourage students to participate in the academic writing, publishing, and peer-reviewing process by sending articles inspired by the Department’s various course offerings to the JOHPEC.

The whole LSE Department of Health Policy are very proud of this endeavour. We welcome the JOHPEC as a platform to further connect current and past students with the policy makers, leaders, and influencers that constitute our alumni community. The Department will continue to promote and support the initiatives of the Journal to ensure that the mandate to strengthen health systems around the world - shared by our students and staff alike – will not be confined to the classroom. We wish you all the success for the future!

Professor Alistair McGuire
Head of Department
LSE Department of Health Policy