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Reading: Behavioural Aspects of use of Social Media and its Impact on Loneliness


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Behavioural Aspects of use of Social Media and its Impact on Loneliness


Ivan Logrosan ,

London School of Economics and Political Science, ES
About Ivan
Ivan Logrosan is an Econometrician from Spain. He has worked in politics, as a research assistant at UC3M and as a consultant for the Inter American Development Bank. His research interests deal with Health Development and Health Policy. Currently, Ivan is an Intern for the Nuffield Trust. An internship that combines with work in research at The LSE and is an editor for the divulgation journal Polikracia.
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Joy Silberschmidt,

London School of Economics and Political Science, BE
About Joy
Joy Silberschmidt is a graduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where she currently completes her masters in International Health Policy. She has gained experience in the pharmaceutical industry, notably by working as a procurement professional at Novo Nordisk A/S and UCB S.A. Her research focuses on mental health, health and political implications of an ageing population, support for informal carers, social health insurance and financial rewards for healthcare performance. Joy Silberschmidt holds an MSc in Business Engineering, Innovation and Technology from ICHEC Brussels Management School, Belgium, and a specialisation in Supply Chain Management from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark.
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Rujuta Kishor Sanap,

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), GB
About Rujuta
Dr Rujuta Sanap is a healthcare professional having background in international health policy and health economics. Additionally, she specializes in pharmaceutical market research, health management, and life science domain. She recently completed her second masters in International Health Policy and Health Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Before joining the LSE alumna, Dr Rujuta worked worked as a senior consultant at IQVIA and managed presales and business development for Nexus Social practice. She has an expertise in social media analytics, AI-enabled social media technology platforms and data analytics. She previously completed her masters in business administration (MBA) with specialization in public health management from the Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) and bachelor's in dental surgery from VSPM's Dental College and Research Centre, India. Dr Rujuta's research has been focused on social health insurance, universal health care, impact of social media on mental health, patient centric insights from social media analysis, and health impact of trade policies.
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Giulia Brandolini d’Adda

London School of Economics and Political Science, IT
About Giulia
Giulia grew up in Italy and complete her bachelor at maastricht university in liberal arts and science, specializing in economics and political science. Subsequently she discovered the the field of health policy and followed her interest by enrolling in the MSc in international health policy ( health economics)
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The present paper investigates the existence of a relationship between the increasing use of social media, behaviours giving rise to the phenomenon of social shaming, social compliance, and loneliness. The empirical data used in this work targets a sample of women aged 18 to 22 years, living in the state of Michigan, US. The first analysis performed, using publicly available social media data, indicates mixed results on the impact of social media on the perception of loneliness. Although the number of loneliness-related conversations increases, half of the sample argues feeling less lonely when connected. The second analysis performed consists of several ordinary least squares regressions based on a loneliness index. The results do not demonstrate any significant effect of social media on loneliness. Furthermore, data shows that social media nullifies the effects of social shaming on loneliness. The research concludes that loneliness is a multi-faceted problem, one that is not necessarily resolved through the introduction of policies targeting a single specific cause. It was also indicated from the analysis that social media can alleviate the problem of loneliness, however subjected to further research on broader population group.
How to Cite: Logrosan I, Silberschmidt J, Sanap RK, Brandolini d’Adda G. Behavioural Aspects of use of Social Media and its Impact on Loneliness. Journal of Health Policy and Economics. 2021;1(1).
Published on 12 Apr 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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